Equitana USA
Kentucky Horse Park

Why exhibit at EQUITANA USA?

Did you know that there are an estimated 2 million horse owners in the United States and a total of 4.6 million Americans involved in the industry as owners, service providers, employees, and volunteers?

EQUITANA USA—North America’s premier equestrian trade fair brand—offers custom, year-round opportunities for you to showcase and sell your products while you connect with these passionate enthusiasts of all ages, levels, and disciplines.

EQUITANA USA at the Kentucky Horse Park

Year-Round Opportunities

Connect with the industry year-round with EQUITANA USA 365: our new hub for digital education, entertainment, and resources. Contact us to learn how you can reach the right audience at the right time by sponsoring digital content that best represents your brand.

We’ve also partnered with Equishopper—an equestrian-focused, e-commerce platform—to create the EQUITANA USA Marketplace, powered by Equishopper! By participating on this platform, you’ll get the chance to reach and sell your products to equestrian consumers 365 days a year from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Start to build your relationships with customers now, then continue to build loyalty and drive sales when they physically experience your products at the show.

EQUITANA USA attendees are horse enthusiasts and top professionals

  • Horse Owners & Leasers
  • Breeders
  • Riders
  • Trainers
  • Race Track Owners & Managers
  • Horse Show Professionals
  • Rodeo riders
  • Professional Competitors
  • Popular Equestrian Personalities
  • Equestrian Performers
  • Authors
  • Veterinarians

Exhibitor Profiles

  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Art
  • Breeding
  • Carriage Equipment
  • Equestrian sport
  • Event Equipment
  • Farm Management
  • Feeding/Bedding
  • Gifts
  • Hoof Care/Shoeing
  • Horse Care
  • Machinery/Cars
  • Pasture Management/Agricultural Equipment
  • Riding Arena equipment
  • Riding Equipment
  • RV / Trailers
  • Stable Supplies/Equipment
  • Stable/Arena Construction
  • Training Equipment
  • Veterinary Supplies/Medicine/Equipment

Advertising & Sponsorship

EQUITANA USA offers an array of advertising opportunities to build awareness about your brand and drive traffic to your booth or online marketplace. Tell us your goals and budget and let us create a custom sponsorship opportunity for you.

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