A combination of seminars, clinics, and trainings, the EQUITANA USA Education Program will broaden your understanding of all things related to horse care and riding, while opening doors to new disciplines and fun. We invite submissions to participate as a demonstrator, clinician, educator, etc.

Full education schedule is coming soon.

EQUITANA Evening Show– EQUUS Evolution

A combination of theatrical performance and equestrian power and grace, EQUUS Evolution will showcase the horse & human relationship as it’s evolved over time; from earliest man to modern times. The EQUITANA USA Evening Show – EQUUS Evolution will incorporate several turning points in history where use of the horse was pivotal, all the while being seamlessly choreographed to a mix of live and pre-recorded music.

Performers will be announced soon. Tickets for the evening show are sold separately.


At EQUITANA USA, you will find well-known brands like Dubarry, Majyk Equipe, Equitack, Schleese Saddlery, and Hound & Hare alongside newer companies that you may not be able to shop at other expos like Cavali Club, Dreamers & Schemers, Oaklyn, Tucker Tweed, and The TackHack, and international companies like Theo Sommer GmbH, Peter Horobin, and PerformaRide.

Areas of the show floor will also feature Breed Associations (with live horse exhibits), sustainable companies, stable management and accessories, and much more.

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