Equitana USA
Kentucky Horse Park


And so it begins…2022 that is. Yes, we’re still in this pandemic and yes, we’re all Zoom’d out and sick and tired of being sick and tired, but one thing I noticed about the horse world: we didn’t stop. We never stop. The horses need to be fed, stalls need to be picked, bandages need to be changed, water buckets refilled and frankly I am perfectly okay with that. Barn chores never seem to add to my exhaustion. If anything, barn chores reinvigorate me.

Despite everything life throws our way, horses keep us sane. And in a time where we’re continually tackling unprecedented hurdles, there is nothing more important than our little slice of equestrian community. And so I present to you, the very first edition of The eQuestrian, powered by EQUITANA USA.

While EQUITANA USA 2022 might be on stall rest, our community keeps growing and we want nothing more than to grow that connection and network with YOU. Let’s keep learning from one another, laughing with one another, and expanding our experiences beyond the grind of the everyday.

Have something you’d like to share with The eQuestrian? Reach out! We want to tell YOUR story. We are humbled to have a platform to showcase marginalized voices, the everyday hero, the trials that you will inevitably endure and (more importantly) overcome. This is what makes EQUITANA USA so unique: the combined experiences of our diverse community.

Tag us on social, slide into our DM’s like a million-dollar reiner, hit me up personally via email or even *gasp* snail mail #bringbackPonyExpress. And in the meantime, re-live the 2021 edition of EQUITANA USA and meet some new faces to join the EQUITANA USA family including an Asian-American ethical fashion entrepreneur from Michigan and the Australian photographer behind the lens of last year’s stunning cover model, Charlemagne Ego Z.

Until next time, stay resilient!